The Auburn University program, established with Interlinea, began in June 2002 with a pilot program. According to the directives and strategic goals of Chigi Palace, this program was aimed at the foundation of a permanent campus in the Chigi Palace of Ariccia.
The College of Human Sciences of Auburn University guides the selection of the students for the Ariccia study program which is subdivided in three semesters per year, with a participation of an average of 20 students per semester.

Interlinea, directed by Maurizio Antonini who acts as Resident Director in Italy for the Auburn University program, is the Italian partner of the Auburn University and works with a dedicated team and prestigious university professors, looking after the entire program, from instruction to organization and logistics.
The study program was devised entirely by Interlinea and then perfected together with Auburn University and the City of Ariccia.