Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy Summer Term 2017

On May 8th we welcomed in Ariccia a new group of 21 students from Auburn University for the Summer 2017 semester in Italy.
Our campus is based in Ariccia (Rome) in the Chigi Palace designed by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and during this semester we planned several seminars, cooking classes, special lecturers and field trips for our students.
During the “practicum placements week” we scheduled activities focused on our students’ interests and career goals and we planned for them special meetings and interviews with important professional figures and experts working in several fields such as fashion, health, communication etc.
Our study program follows a chronological historical order from Ancient Times to contemporary history including visits to Rome, Tuscany, Venice, Umbria, Pompeii and an optional field trip to the Amalfi Coast. For more info