Joseph S. Bruno Auburn Abroad in Italy – Spring Term 2020

On January 21st, 2020 we welcomed in Ariccia our new group of 22 students from Auburn University for their Spring semester in Italy. Students will stay in Ariccia, in the prestigious Palazzo Chigi, and their schedule will include seminars, classes and special activities such as a fresco workshop with renowned art restorer and Michelangelo expert Antonio Forcellino. During their stay, our students will explore Rome, the Castelli Romani, Tuscany, Venice, Umbria, Naples and Pompeii. We also involve local families who kindly host our students for a dinner, a special and unique way to be completely immersed in the Italian traditions and culture. For more info:

Edit: The group unfortunately had to leave at the end of week 6 due to covid19 spread, but we successfully completed our semester remotely. We hope to see you again soon!