Superbike – PR Consultancy

Client: Superbike

Project: PR Consultancy

Activity: PR Consultancy for Italy, France, Germany for 2 years


OPEL – PR Event

Client: OPEL

Project: Event

Activity: PR event and presentation of new models

mazda mx 5

Mazda MX 5 – National visibility program

Client: Mazda

Project: “MX 5 – National visibility program”

Activity:  Conception of national itineraries and summer events in collaboration with Radio Deejay. 360° ideation and direction of the event.

ford focus c-max

Ford Focus C-MAX – National Visibility Program

Client: FORD Italia

Project: “Ford Focus C-MAX National Visibility Program”

Activity:  National Visibility Program In Collaboration With Radio Rai 2 – Il Ruggito Del Coniglio – Over 300 Testimonials All Over Italy – 360° project concept and management.



Wedding in Rome

A special wedding in Rome – October 2007

In October 2007 Interlinea organized a special wedding in Rome with international guests.

Our experienced team assisted our clients in planning a memorable wedding day in the eternal city with a unique ceremony in one of Rome’s most important monuments: the Pantheon.

Our staff provided several services including hotel booking, transfers by vans and deluxe limousines, photographers, video operators, hair stylists & make up artists, musicians, flowers, invitations, selection of locations for all events (rehearsal dinner, wedding reception) and more.

Boeing PR consultancy

Boeing – PR Consultancy

Boeing PR ConsultancyClient: Boeing

Project: PR Consultancy

Activity: Public Relations Consultancy for over 14 years

Cougar Fifty

Client: FORD Italia

Project: “Cougar Fifty”

Activity:  National launch of the product. 360° ideation and direction in collaboration with FG


Focus Friends

Client: FORD Italia

Project: “Focus Friends”

Activity:  National launch of the new ford model. Over 400 testimonials. 360° project concept and management.


herald tribune

Herald Tribune – Event Coordination

herald tribuneClient: Herald Tribune

Project: Event

Activity: Event coordination for the 100th anniversary of Herald Tribune at “Circolo degli scacchi” in Rome and launch of the newspaper in Italy.

ford puma

Ford Puma 100 – National Visibility Program

Client: FORD Italia

Project: “Puma 100 National Visibility Program”

Activity:  National launch of the product. National visibility program in collaboration with RDS. 360° project concept and management.